Jumia Affiliate Program Reviews 2022: Is Jumia Affiliate Worth Your Time? Check Fact Now

Hey guys, in this article, am going to share everything you need to know about jumia affiliate program. 

Including: how to join jumia affiliate program, how to make money with jumia affiliate program and how to promote jumia products to increase sales.

Jumia KOL affiliate program

 Affiliate marketing has become a very lucrative way of earning extra income. In fact, according to Forbes, affiliates make $1 billion every day. If you want to get started, you should consider joining the best affiliate program.

Jumia affiliate program is one of the best affiliate network you should know about. Jumia affiliate program is CPA (pay per conversation). 

There are two main types of affiliate networks: those that pay per click (PPC) and those that pay per conversion (CPA). 

The company will pays you whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link that’s PPC, And CPA pays you whenever someone buys something through your affiliate link.

So, jumia pays you whenever the client you refer buy anything from their store.

About jumia ?

Jumia affiliate program

Jumia is an African eCommerce platform that provides a marketplace, logistics service, and payment service. The marketplace allows users to buy products and services from sellers across Africa.

The logistics service delivers packages to customers’ doorsteps. And the payment service facilitates the payments of online transactions inside the Jumia ecosystem.

 Jumia is one of the leading online retailers in Nigeria. Their products range from phones, tablets, laptops and many others. There are some great deals on their website that you might want to check out.

Jumia offers coupons for different products on their website. You can get discounts of 10% to 20% off if you use their coupons. 

They have a great app that you can download for free. I have personally downloaded the app and love using it!

 And apart from coupon, there is promo code.  This promo code can be use to save money while shopping at jumia.com. 

Here are some examples of Jumia promo discount.

  •  – 10% off your first order
  •  – 5% off any order
  •  – Free Delivery on orders
  •  – 10% Off Your First Order
  •  – 25% Off Sitewide
  •  – 20% OFF Your First Order

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Jumia Affiliate Program 

Jumia affiliate program also knows as (KOL Program) is an excellent opportunity to earn extra income online. You can work part-time and make cool cash.

Jumia affiliate marketing

If you are site owner, Jumia KOL program is your best bet to turn your traffic into cash. With the Jumia affiliate program, you can have a nine-to-five job and still make money with them.

Jumia‘s KOL program allows affiliates to advertise, earn, and grow regardless of their account type. They can be an affiliate, creator, or influencer and have the ability to make money while sitting at home.

There are three different ways to make money on jumia KOL program. either: Affiliate Individual, Micro-Influencer or Mega-Influencer.

Jumia Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for people who love shopping! Jumia give you a chance to earn a commission just by referring users to their website. 

Imagine, Earn money by referring friends and family to shop online at Jumia! Yeah, you will be earning commission by just  referring people to buy jumia products. They will reward you when they make their first purchase!

You will be getting 10% of each sale you refer to jumia.com. If customers purchase any product using the link provided they will not pay anything extra.  And all the commission go straight to your account. Jumia pays you monthly via direct bank transfer.

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How To Join Jumia KOL program 

To join jumia KOL program, click https://kol.jumia.com/register  And register with required information. like first name, last name, email address, country, phone number and strong password.

Jumia KOL affiliate program

Before you proceed with the registration, you’ll first need to set up your account as:

If you are affiliate marketer

And you have a website, app, blog, social media channel, or group that allows users to promote deals, reviews, email marketing, loyalty programs, coupons, price comparisons, or similar ventures? Then register yourself as a Jumia affiliate and start promoting!

If you are a micro influencer/creator

You identify yourself as an individual who loves to recommend and review Jumia products to his/her small (minimum 5k followers) but loyal followers? Then register yourself as an Influencer/Creator and start recommending Jumias products!

If you are a mega influencer

You’re an individual with huge and established social media followers, your post are enough to make your fans want to buy that product as soon as possible! Sign up today and start promoting now!

Once you become Jumia affiliate marketer, all you need to do is to find products that you know that people are looking for (in other to sell it ASAP).

 Generate the product link and then promote them to others. There are two ways to promote affiliate products.

  1. Manually 
  2. Automatically


 Manual means that you have to go out and search for people who are looking for a certain product. 

Once you’ve found these people, you’ll have to convince them to buy your recommended product. If they decide to purchase the item, you generate the affiliate link and make the other for then.

But this method takes a lot of work and stress. And sometimes, it doesn’t always pay well.


 Automatic means that you set up a website or social media page (ads) where people can click a button to go to the site to purchase the product directly.

 Very easy!  you will get your commission whenever someone buys something after buying the product with your link.

What you should check  before promoting products 

The key features and benefits of Jumia products are supported by a wide range of reviews. In addition to these, the following types of reviews are also valuable for determining whether or not a product is good for you to promote:


  • – Positive reviews: These are usually from happy customers who are very satisfied with their purchase and would recommend it to friends and family.
  • – Disappointed reviews: These are usually people who are not satisfied with the products they bought and would not recommend them to anyone.
  • – Bad reviews: These are usually people who do not like the products very much and would not recommend them to anyone.
  • – Unhappy customers: These are customers who would not recommend products to anyone.

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In conclusion, jumia affiliate program is one of the most effective ways to earn passive income from the internet. .

The best part about this type of business model is that you don’t need any special skills to start making money. Just sign up, add your account, refer people and withdraw your commission.

In order to succeed in affiliate marketing, it’s important to have a plan. Having a plan will help you stay focused and on-task during the day while helping you to increase your chances of success. An effective affiliate marketing strategy can result in hundreds of thousands of dollar in sales every year.

While affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone, it’s great for everyone who wants to try an alternative way of making money.

In order to find the perfect affiliate marketing strategy, it’s important to understand which types of marketing are right for you.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are no two ways about it: There is no such thing as an easy or quick way to do it.

Instead, there are different ways to do it and different costs for doing it. The crucial thing is to find a method that is effective and allows you to achieve your goals.

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