Here Is Minimum Amount To Start A POS Business In Nigeria In 2023

Welcome guys, in this article, am going to share with you, minimum amount to start a POS business right now in 2022.

There are many questions on the internet, on how to start POS business in 2022. Some days ago, I approved one comment, the guy said: is 100k sufficient to start a POS business in 2021? The answer is YES. You can even start with less than than.

Now in nigeria, POS is a profitable and easiest business to start in nigeria. POS business is the most legitimate way to make more money in Nigeria.

This business is more profitable some communities in nigeria (like community with no banks and places where ATMs).

And on the identical time wants a number of capital earlier than you may be capable to make an inexpensive revenue, cause as a result of the market is now over-saturated, the present economic system of the nation is just not actually that okay which makes virtually everybody function the identical enterprise.

Now, you may hardly see anyplace and not using a POS kiosk erected as if it’s the solely enterprise obtainable within the nation which has in a method affected the costs and revenue agent make not like earlier than.

So the query is, is the POS business nonetheless as profitable as earlier than, are you able to start POS business with 100k and make a superb revenue from it.

How Maximize 100k For POS Business in 2022.

With that your 100k, you can begin the POS business right now (if with less than 100k). And you will be making like  13,000 naira to 15,000 naira revenue or extra monthly.

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This is 15% ROI in your funding and as time goes on you may make extra relying in your capital and the fixed enhance of your buyer base.

  • Go for a pos lower than 20k mpos to be particular it value lower than 15k.
  • Companion with somebody who has a store or get an area and purchase plastic chair plus umbrella.
  • With this it’s best to have money of 70k left
  • Print a small banner

As time goes on you may apply for a financial institution mortgage to satisfy up clients’ calls for.

Because main cost that required for starting this business is the cash at hand, either you loan it or you the the owner of the money.

If the money is in your account, you’ll withdraw like 50k and leave 20k. The 50k for withdrawing for customer and the remaining 20k for transfer.

Like I said earlier, Go for a POS lower than 20k mpos (to manage your 100k) to be particular it value lower than 15k.

The reason why I said you should go for 15k mpos is that, standards POS machine from banks or fintech companies is between N85,000 and N100,000 only.

POS machine price depends on the company or bank you are buying from.

This means, there is no fixed price for POS machine in Nigeria. But there some banks and company that offer free POS machines, but you must meet up with their requirements before they can give you the terminal.

But if you have Your money, you will get small terminal and upgrade your business when you start making huge revenue.

Amount To Start POS Business

You can start POS business with 50k, 100k, 200k, 300k to 1 million naira. It depends on your pockets. I hope this article is informative? Please let me hear from you guys.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop your comment through the comment section below.

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