How To Use My MTN Pulse Point?

MTN Pulse Points is one such offering that provides MTN Pulse subscribers with a unique opportunity to unlock exclusive rewards, discounts, and benefits.

In this  guide, we will delve into the world of MTN Pulse Points and explore how you can maximize their potential to elevate your mobile experience.

What are MTN Pulse Points?

MTN Pulse Points is a loyalty program offered by MTN, one of the leading mobile network providers. It aims to reward MTN Pulse subscribers for their loyalty and engagement.

Pulse Points can be accumulated through various activities, such as airtime recharges, data purchases, referrals, and engagement on the MTN Pulse platform.

These points can then be redeemed for a wide range of rewards, including airtime, data bundles, lifestyle experiences, shopping discounts, and more.

How to Join MTN Pulse

To start enjoying the benefits of MTN Pulse Points, you first need to be a member of the MTN Pulse community.

Joining MTN Pulse is a straightforward process.

Simply dial the activation code provided by MTN for your country (e.g., *567# in Nigeria) and follow the prompts to become a Pulse subscriber.

Alternatively, you can also download the MTN Pulse app and register directly from your mobile device.

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How to Earn MTN Pulse Points.

MTN pulse point


Once you’re a member of MTN Pulse, you can start earning Pulse Points through various activities.

  • Pulse Points for Airtime Recharge

One of the easiest ways to accumulate Pulse Points is by recharging your airtime.

Each time you recharge, you earn a certain number of points based on the recharge amount.

The more you recharge your MTN line, the more points you earn.

  • Pulse Points for Data Purchases

MTN Pulse Points also reward you for purchasing data bundles.

Similar to airtime recharges, the number of points earned depends on the data bundle’s value.

Be sure to check the MTN Pulse website or app for any promotional offers that provide bonus points for specific data purchases.

  • Pulse Points for Referring Friends

MTN Pulse encourages its subscribers to refer friends and family members to join the Pulse community.

By referring others to join MTN Pulse, you earn additional Pulse Points. Spread the word and reap the rewards!

  • Pulse Points for Engagement on MTN Pulse Platform

Active engagement on the MTN Pulse platform, such as participating in quizzes, surveys, and other promotional activities, can also earn you Pulse Points.

Stay up-to-date with the latest campaigns and take advantage of these opportunities to earn extra points.

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How to Redeem Pulse Points

Once you have accumulated a significant number of Pulse Points, it’s time to explore the redemption options.

  • Airtime and Data Bundles

Redeeming Pulse Points for airtime or data bundles is a popular choice among users.

You can convert your accumulated points into airtime or data, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted mobile experience.

  • Lifestyle and Entertainment

MTN Pulse Points opens up a world of exciting rewards, including access to exclusive lifestyle and entertainment experiences.

This may include discounts on movie tickets, concert passes, restaurant vouchers, and other entertainment-related benefits.

  • Shopping and Retail

Make the most of your Pulse Points by redeeming them for shopping vouchers, discounts at partner stores, or even exclusive merchandise.

Enjoy savings and exclusive deals as you shop at your favorite retail outlets.

  • Travel and Experiences

Dreaming of a getaway? MTN Pulse Points allows you to use your points to unlock travel benefits, such as discounted flights, hotel stays, holiday packages, and unique experiences.

Plan your next adventure with the help of your accumulated Pulse Points.

MTN Pulse Points Tips and Tricks

To optimize your Pulse Points experience, consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Maximizing Pulse Points Accumulation

Strategically plan your airtime recharges and data purchases to maximize your Pulse Points accumulation.

Take advantage of promotional offers and bonuses to earn additional points.

  • Timing Your Redemptions

Keep an eye on the redemption options and timing. Sometimes, MTN Pulse may offer limited-time deals and exclusive rewards.

Patience and planning can help you save more and make the most out of your accumulated points.

  • Participating in MTN Pulse Campaigns and Promotions

Stay actively engaged in the MTN Pulse community by participating in campaigns, promotions, and surveys.

These activities often offer bonus points, giving you more opportunities to accumulate and redeem rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions.

MTN pulse point

Here are some commonly asked questions about MTN Pulse Points:

  • How long are Pulse Points valid?
  • Can I transfer my Pulse Points to another user?
  • What if I’m not able to redeem my points for a specific reward?
  • How can I track my Pulse Points balance?
  • Are there any charges or fees associated with participating in MTN Pulse Points?

Now let me answer all the questions one by one.

  • How long are Pulse Points valid?

Pulse Points don’t really have an expiration date.

But check the terms or contact MTN customer support to determine the exact validity period of your Pulse Points.

Make sure to redeem your points before they expire to fully enjoy the rewards and benefits they offer.

  • Can I transfer my Pulse Points to another user?

Generally, Pulse Points are non-transferable and tied to the individual account holder.

They cannot be transferred or shared with another user. Each user accumulates and redeems their own points based on their activities within the MTN Pulse ecosystem.

However, it’s always best to refer to the specific terms and conditions of the MTN Pulse Points program to understand any exceptions or additional options that may be available.

  • What if I’m not able to redeem my points for a specific reward?

If you are unable to redeem your points for a specific reward, there could be several reasons.

It is possible that the particular reward you are trying to redeem is temporarily unavailable due to high demand or limited availability.

In such cases, it is advisable to check back later or explore alternative rewards that are currently accessible.

Additionally, you may need to meet certain criteria or fulfill specific requirements to be eligible for certain rewards.

Review the redemption guidelines provided by MTN or reach out to their customer support for assistance.

  • How can I track my Pulse Points balance?

To track your Pulse Points balance, MTN usually provides multiple options. You can check your points balance through the MTN Pulse app or by dialing a specific code on your mobile device.

Typically, the code will be mentioned in the MTN Pulse Points program details or in the communication you received upon joining MTN Pulse.

Another option is to log in to the MTN Pulse website and check your points balance on your account dashboard.

These methods ensure that you have real-time visibility into the number of points you have accumulated.

Are there any charges or fees associated with participating in MTN Pulse Points? Participating in MTN Pulse Points is generally free of charge.

However, it is essential to note that any activities or transactions you perform within the MTN Pulse ecosystem, such as airtime recharges or data purchases, may incur regular charges as per your mobile service plan.

These charges are separate from the participation in the MTN Pulse Points program itself.


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MTN Pulse Points presents an excellent opportunity to maximize the benefits of being an MTN Pulse subscriber.

By earning and redeeming Pulse Points, you can unlock exclusive rewards, discounts, and experiences, enhancing your mobile journey.

Stay connected, engaged, and make the most out of your MTN Pulse Points today!

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