How to delete my Jumia account?

Jumia is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Africa, with millions of users in various countries. However, for one reason or another, you may want to delete your Jumia account.

Whether it’s due to privacy concerns or a change in your shopping habits, deleting your Jumia account is a straightforward process.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to delete your Jumia account.

Deleting your Jumia account is a simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes.

Once your account is deleted, you will no longer be able to access any of your previous orders, saved addresses, or other account information.

However, if you change your mind, you can always create a new account later. To delete your jumia account, follow this simple steps.

  • Step 1: Log in to your Jumia account

To delete your Jumia account, you first need to log in to it. Go to the Jumia website and enter your login credentials.

  • Step 2: Click on “My Account”

After logging in, click on the “My Account” link in the upper right-hand corner of the website. You will be redirect to account dashboard.

  • Step 3: Click on the “Settings” tab

Once you are on your account dashboard, click on the “Settings” tab. The option to delete your account can be found at this location.

  • Step 4: Click on “Delete Account”

Scroll down until you see the option to “Delete Account.” Click on this button.

  • Step 5: Choose a reason for deleting your account

When deleting your account, you will be asked to choose a reason that best describes why you want to delete your account. Please select the reason that most accurately describes your situation.

  • Step 6: Confirm your decision to delete your account

After selecting a reason for deleting your account, you will be asked to confirm your decision. To continue, click “Yes, to delete your account” button.

  • Step 7: Input password for confirmation

To ensure that you are the owner of the account and not someone else, you will be prompted to enter your password. Input your password in the designated field and then click on the “Confirm” button.

  • Step 8: Receive confirmation that your account has been deleted

After confirming your password, your account will be deleted. Upon successful account deletion, a confirmation message will be displayed to notify you that your account has been deleted.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, if you want to delete your Jumia account, just follow the steps outlined in this guide. Jumia aims to provide its users with the best possible shopping experience, and if you feel that deleting your account will improve your experience, then go ahead and do it.

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