Become An Affiliate Marketer In Nigeria – Get Started Right Now [2022 Reviews]

If you are looking forward to become an affiliate marketer in nigeria, there is no better way to do it than by enrolling yourself in a course. There are many courses out there but most of them are too broad. They cover everything under the sun without giving you enough information about what you can actually do once you graduate.

This article will help you to understand how to be an affiliate marketer in Nigeria. It will also give you some tips on how to make money as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

Before we get into the details of becoming an affiliate marketer in nigeria , let’s first understand what online marketing is all about.

What Is Online marketing?

Online marketing is basically the process of promoting products and services through various digital platforms such as social media, email, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) advertising, etc.

become an affiliate marketer in nigeria

Affiliate marketing is one form of online marketing where people earn commission for referring customers to merchants that they have agreed with before. The merchant offers a product or service which the customer has to buy from their website. Once the customer buys something from the merchant’s site, the affiliate earns commission based on the price of the product sold.

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need any special skills to start earning money. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a good understanding of your target audience.

Become An Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria – How to Get Started

Becoming an affiliate marketer in nigeria means that you will be able to promote products and services that you like. You just need to find a company that sells those products and services and then sign up with them. After signing up, you will be given a unique link that you can use to refer customers to the merchant’s website. When someone clicks on this link, he/she will be taken to the merchant’ page where they can purchase the product or service.

Once the person makes payment, you will receive a commission depending on the amount paid. This is why affiliate marketing is called referral marketing.

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Steps by Steps Guide To Become An affiliate Marketer In Nigeria

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based pay where you get paid per sale generated by your website or blog. In other words, if you have a website or social media network.

1. Creating Your Own Niche

If you want to become an affiliate marketer in nigeria, you should create your own niche. This means that you should choose a specific type of product or service that you would like to sell. For example, if you love cooking, you could become an affiliate marketer of food related products.

If you are interested in starting a business, you may want to consider creating your own niche.

3. Find a company that sells your desired product or service

Now that you know what you want to sell, you should start finding companies that sell these products or services. You can do this by visiting websites like Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

4. Sign Up With A Company That Selles What You Want To Promote

After you have found several companies that sell the products or services that you want to promote, you should sign up with them. In order to do this, you will need to provide them with some information including your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.

5. Create Your Unique Affiliate Link

When you signed up with a company, you will be provided with a uniqu affiliate link that you will be sharing with your friends and family members. They can use this link to visit the merchant’s page and make purchases.

6. Refer Customers To The Merchant’s Website

When someone uses your unique affiliate link to visit the merchant’s website, you will get a commission. This is how affiliate marketing works.

7. Make Money

To make more money in affiliate marketing You must keep promoting the same products or services that you promoted when you first started.

8. Repeat Step 6

You can repeat step 6 as many times as you want until you reach your goal.

9. Earn More Commissions

As you continue to promote the same products or services, you will eventually earn more commissions. This matter is not about you become an affiliate marketer in nigeria, but how fast you want money an affiliate marketer in nigeria. affiliate  marketing has many benefits, and you can make huge amounts of money as an affiliate marketer in nigeria.

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Benefits Becoming An Affiliate Marketer In Nigeria

become an affiliate marketer in nigeria

You don’t have to spend hours creating content, designing websites or writing articles. All you need is a blog or website and some products to sell.

There are many affiliate marketing programs, each affiliate program has its own set of rules for affiliates to follow.

Affiliating with other companies by promoting their products online enables them to generate sales. The amount of commission depends on the type of program and the fee charged by the merchant.

To earn high profits from affiliates, you’ll first have to learn the basics of how they work and how they operate.

And our purpose at is not just to help people learn about affiliate marketing but also to help them find the best affiliate networks so they can earn big commissions.

Types Of Affiliate Program.

There are three main types of affiliate programs:

  • PPA – Pay per action: PPA programs reward an affiliate when someone clicks through their link and register. either paid membership or free trial account.
  • PPS – Pay per sales: PPS programs reward an affiliate when someone clicks through their link and makes a purchase from the merchant’s site.

PPC – Pay per click: programs reward an affiliate when a visitor clicks through their link and lands on the merchant’s website.

How Much Commission Does A Typical Affiliate Make?

The typical affiliate earns between 5% and 200% commission on sales, clicks, sign up generated by his/her referrals.

At present, the average affiliate makes roughly 30 percent of the price of the product they sell. If someone purchases a $100 item, then the merchant typically pays $0.30 to the affiliate.

Affiliates are usually compensated based on actions they take. For example, an affiliate may be compensated per click or per lead generated.

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Best Affiliate Networks

Here are some of the best affiliate networks out there and why they’re different from one another.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s affiliate marketing program. If they sign up for it, they get a special tracking code that allows them to keep tabs on their referral traffic.

You’ll earn commissions on any sales resulting from a referral. Commission rates depend on whether you’re selling digital or physical products.

If you’re selling $100 worth of books for $10 each, then you’d be earning $5 per book sold.

If you refer people to Amazon, you might be able to get 25% of their purchase prices.


ClickBank is an established affiliate marketplace where people sell products through affiliate links. It includes programs for both affiliates and merchants.


ShareASale is one of the most well known affiliate networks out there. Founded in 1999, it currently has over 1,000 affiliates and over 1 million advertisers.

ShareASale has several ways for affiliates to earn income through their programs, from recurring commissions to tiered commission structures to even direct sales.


Similar to ShareAsale, LinkShare specializes in digital content, including eBooks and software.

There are hundreds of smaller networks available for people who want to get into affiliate marketing. Most offer similar products and require similar qualifications.

In order to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to know how to choose which network will work best for your business model.

How To Improve Affiliate Marketing

become an affiliate marketer in nigeria

There are several different ways to improve affiliate marketing such as these: I’ll show you some things that can help you impprove affiliate marketing such as these.

1. Blogging

Writing blogs is one of the ways that affiliate marketers can help their business grow. They can write about their industry, products, services and themselves.

If you have a large amount of expertise and experience in your particular niche, then others will be interested in following you and learning from you. Additionally, if you’re good at writing, you may consider starting a blog where you write articles about topics related to your line of work.

2. Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the act of finding people who want to buy your product or service. When someone visits your website, they should be able place an order easily. You can do so by making sure there is a clear CTA button on every webpage of your site.

A call to action (CTA) button is something that prompts visitors to take some kind of action. For example, they may be asked to sign up for your email list or submit their details via a form.

3. Social Media

Social networking is an effective way to communicate with people who share common interests. There are many social network sites available, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These sites allow users to interact with each other through sharing photos, videos, music, blogs, comments and messages. Some sites also provide tools for creating groups, where members can discuss topics related to certain hobbies or professions.

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4. Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to grow in popularity among businesses because it’s inexpensive, fast, and easy to set up. However, not every business owner knows how to make effective use of this tool. In order to get the most out of your email campaigns, you need to learn how to write good subject lines, create an engaging message, and design professional looking emails.

5. Content Creation

Creating quality, useful, informative, and entertaining web pages is one of the most important parts of running an online business. You need to create high-quality web pages that provide useful information to potential buyers.

6. SEO

Optimize your website for better ranking in major web browsers like Google and Bing by including relevant keywords, using appropriate images, and linking to external sites.

7. Video Marketing

Video marketing has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It’s simple to produce video content, and it’s easier than ever to upload them to YouTube. This type of marketing allows you to connect more directly with your audience and build trust.

8. Online Advertising

There are many types of advertising methods used today. One of the best ways to advertise your business is through search engine optimization. Search engines such as Google and Bing rank websites based on relevance and authority.

There are so many things that can help affiliate marketers, but one thing that they must never forget is that there are no guarantees when it comes to making money online.

Since about 2005, affiliate marketing has grown rapidly, and there were an estimate of 20 million affiliates worldwide in 2007. That’s roughly 40% of all internet marketeers.

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Best Affiliate Program You Should Try

  • Online Course Affiliate Program: 

Online courses are becoming increasingly popular these days. They provide great flexibility and convenience. They’re usually cheaper than traditional classes too.

1. Udemy affiliate:  Udemy is a platform for millions of students and educators to teach anything from language to programming to personal development courses. It offers over 500,000 classes offered by instructors across the globe. Its classes are always up to date and cover a wide range of subjects.

Udemy is a very popular platform for teaching people new skills. It offers courses from top instructors who cover topics ranging from coding to marketing to photography.

Udemy is one the best online courses affiliate programs for beginners. With over two million students enrolled, Udemy offers an excellent platform for newbies to learn from experts at their own pace.

With so many people using Udemy, you can easily get paid for referring others to use the platform. The commission rates depend on the courses’ levels and the numbers of referrals.

You can earn commissions by promoting their products through your own websites or social media accounts. There are over 100,000+ products available for promotion, so there is plenty of room for you to grow.

2. Lynda affiliate: Lynda offers access to over 10, 000 video tutorials on a variety of tech topics. Created by experts in their fields, these videos are available for free online.

Lynda has just launched an affiliate marketing campaign. Now anyone who signs up for the Lynda community can get paid when someone they refer buys a course from If you want to make some extra money, then you can sign up for their affiliate marketing campaign.

To get started, simply register for an account and earn commissions whenever people purchase subscriptions or renew their memberships.

If you want to earn extra income from your blog, sign up for the Lynda Affiliate Program now. You can earn commission by recommending Lynda to friends and family.

3. Freecodecamp affiliate: FreeCodeCamp is an online community for people who want to learn programming. It has sections for different topics including web design, frontend, backend, mobile app dev, etc. Anyone can create projects and submit them for feedback from the community.

A free online programming course called FreeCodeCamp offers a six week course for beginners. Students learn from experienced programmers through video lessons and assignments.

  • Travel Affiliate Programs:

You could use travel affiliate programs to market travel services without having to spend any money. Travel Affiliate Programmes  are one of the greatest ways to monetize your blog or social network account. You’ll earn a commission for every sale made through your links.

Best Travel Affiliate Programs

1. Expedia: Expedia is an online service provider for booking flights, hotels, cars and vacations. They offer their services through websites and mobile apps.

There are many different types of travel offers available for every traveler. You can find cheap airfares, last-second bargains, group rates, and free night stays at some hotels.

If you’re looking for a way to earn extra money at home, consider joining the Expedia Affiliates Network. It’s a great way to make extra money without leaving your house.

The Expedia Affiliates Program allows online marketer and bloggers to earn money by promoting hotel deals on Expedia’​s platform.

By signing up for an affiliate marketing program, you can earn commission by promoting their product. All you need to do is promote their product.

You typically get paid between $0-$100 for every booking you complete. Volume determines how much you get paid.

If you’re interested in participating in the affiliate program for both flight and hotel bookings, you can choose which type of travel you’d like to promote.

Get Started >>

If you want to be part of our program, just click here to sign up. It’s completely free to join. We don’t charge any monthly membership fee or any other type of fee. All we ask is that you share our referral links when people purchase flights or hotels from them.

2. Kayak: Kayak is a widely used comparison shopping platform that allows you to quickly and easily book flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, and cruises.

Kayak has an extremely successful affiliate program. Affiliate partners receive commissions from each purchase made through their links. They also earn commissions from each new user who registers through their links.

Get Started >>

Sign up for the Kayak Affiliate Program today and start earning commissions by referring people to the site. Simply register for free and then send out a referral link to your friends and relatives. They’ll earn $10 when they book through your link!

3. is an online travel agency that offers hotels, flights, cars, and vacations. It allows people to compare different deals from various providers.

They provide a wide variety of programs for their partners, including free products, low paying commissions, and high paying commissions.

Get Started >>

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become an affiliate marketer in nigeria

Hope this article help you to understand how to be an affiliate marketer in Nigeria. If you have any question about becoming an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, please leave it in comment section below. I will try my best to answer all your questions.

Thank you very much for reading. Please share with your friends if you think someone should know about this awesome guide. See you next time.

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